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heights n : a high place; "they stood on high and observed the coutryside"; "he doesn't like heights" [syn: high]

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  1. Plural of height


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Heights is a 2004 Merchant Ivory Productions film that follows a pivotal twenty-four hours in the interconnected lives of five New Yorkers. It stars Elizabeth Banks as Isabel, a photographer, James Marsden as Jonathan, a Jewish lawyer and Isabel's fiance, Glenn Close as Diana, Isabel's mother, Jesse Bradford as Alec, an actor, and John Light as Peter, a journalist.


Glenn Close - Diana Lee Elizabeth Banks - Isabel Lee James Marsden - Jonathan Kestler Jesse Bradford - Alec Lochka John Light - Peter Cole Rufus Wainwright - Jeremy Eric Bogosian - Henry George Segal - Rabbi Mendel Andrew Howard - Ian Isabella Rossellini - Liz Matthew Davis - Mark Michael Murphy - Jesse Chandler Williams - Juliard Macbeth Bess Wohl - Juilliard Lady Macbeth


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